erin ahnfeldt

Listening to Life

So many times, when things get difficult and dark, we think our Father has somehow left us or lost sight of us.I mean, He’s busy, right?

But no. I am here to say He never takes His eyes off us. My whole life has been example after example. from being born to an epileptic mother who was told to abort me; growing up to marry an amazing Christian woman; getting a job half way across the country which I never applied for, getting to watch the miracle of my father’s full recovery after 20 days in a persistant vegetative state following surgical complications, after we disconnected his life support to honor his living will; even when we lost my wife’s dad to a drunk driver, her mom to MS 18 months later, and then my dad suddenly 18 months after that.

There is not time tonight to detail it all out, but i intend to do that before long. To God be all the glory.

Dale Ick