erin ahnfeldt

Listening to Life

I have been blessed to count Erin as one my few close friends. He’s sees the sacred in all of life and is teaching me to look for God’s hand on my life. I’m beginning to see Him in the big and small things, in the critical decisions of life, and the small seemingly insignificant times. I’m learning to look back at hard times and recognize His provision all along the way.

They say in retrospect we can identify a God encounter we may not have seen at the time. I’m beginning to relive times when I either didn’t look for Him or couldn’t experience Him. One such time was years ago.

I was 10, a cub scout trying to build a soap box car to race down our local side street in the inaugural event. My father wasn’t available to help build it or race it, a source of pain. But a neighbor recognized my need and spent hours helping me complete a make shift car of 2×4’s, rope, and a panel of pine for a seat. We worked late into the night and pulled together a functional option. The next day instead of the shame of not having a car or one that didn’t work, I raced.

I love competition. I think God knows that. He provided a neighbor willing to help.

I can see myself on that car again, but this time I see Jesus in my neighbor, and on the back of my soap box helping me steer, a huge smile on His face.

I’m starting to see that He was with me all along and is with me now. Thanks Erin for the reminder and continuing to teach me to look for Him.

Steve Whitmarsh

Steve, your authenticity not only draws people to you but also right into the arms of Jesus, and this story is another example of that. It captures what all of us are desperate to know, that Jesus, like a best friend, enjoys being with us. Thanks for your friendship!


I love this story, Steve. I need to think more about looking back to see God. Steve Aldrich talks about this as “reframing,” looking at a picture from our past and seeing Jesus in the frame when we didn’t before.

Thomas Thompson