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Tree House That They May See

God planted trees "that they may see" He was present with them (Isaiah 41:19-20), and Jesus praised God because His Father had opened the eyes of those who followed Him, but we need to use those spiritual eyes to see that God is here, to see the sacred in the every day. 

Consider that treehouse, probably a good 15 feet off the ground.  The trees and canyons nearby are alive with the sounds of coyotes and owls, and with explosions of blues and oranges as the sun sets behind the lit-up leaves.  All of that gives it its wonder, but if any of us stayed inside the house with that door shut, it would seem like just another old, dilapidated shack.  We need to come out onto that porch and enjoy the view, take it all in, and experience the wonder it was built to offer! 


David writes in Psalm 59:9, "O my Strength, I watch for you."  That "watching" for God is the purpose of this website and the reason we have to step out onto the porch of the treehouse.  It is the fundamental discipline behind seeing the sacred.  Have you checked for any evidence of a loving God walking beside you?  God wants us to watch for Him and see that He is near.  He wants us to hear His voice even if it is a whisper coming to us through the branches.  Consider this place your invitation to join me in opening that door of the treehouse.  Enjoy the view.  Let the warm orange glow of the sunset brighten your face and wait for the sound of the turtle doves.  Let's quiet our hearts, listen, and look for what our hearts long to see.   

erin ahnfeldt

My name is Erin.  I get to

hang out with 3 incredible kids, a

beautiful wife, and 120 high school students who humor me as I attempt to wow them with commas and Shakespeare.  Most of all, I am loved by Jesus.  He is teaching me to see Him in the every day, and writing about what I see of Him reminds me He is near . 


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