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“So what’s your story?”

I bet you’ve heard that question before. We like to think of our lives as stories. We might even notice moments too perfect to be coincidences, almost like they were, well, planned. But life gets busy, so we reach for the CliffsNotes version and skim through the rest. That’s when we miss the parts of our lives we were meant to enjoy.

As an English teacher, I spend my days hanging out with one hundred and thirty teenagers. They file into room 212, and other than talking about Michela’s new blue hair or why Isaiah can school me in basketball, we talk about authors and their books.

Spending time with my students, I’ve discovered something. We have stories just as creative and beautiful as the ones we read in class. There are heroes, conflicts, villains and victories written into the pages of our lives, and all of it is meant to be cherished. But the only way to really cherish a story is to know the Author who wrote it.

Of course, as a teacher in a public school, I can’t talk about God. That’s the reason for this website. This is a place to throw away the CliffsNotes version of our lives and start paying attention. It’s a place to open the pages of our stories and look a little closer to make the most important discovery this life has to offer. . .

There’s an Author behind it all, and He loves us!


Erin Ahnfeldt

is a high school English teacher who daily finds wonder in the everyday experiences God gives him with his wife, his three kids, and the teenagers that walk into his classroom every day. He’s passionate about teaching and writing stories that point to a God who is very much present in the public-school classroom and in the everyday.

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